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All Hail the King: The Best of Stephen King

The Best of Stephen King: Our Mammoth guide to the Master of The Macabre will help you find the best slice of King for your  audiobook needs “You know, sometimes I wake up in the morning and think to myself, ”There just isn’t enough Stephen King in the world’.” – Nobody. Ever. Jump to: The…

The 9 Best Vampire Audiobooks

Something To Sink Your Teeth Into: A Guide to The Best in Vampire Fiction Audiobooks The word Vampire occupies a strange place within the popular imagination. On the one hand, it is a word dripping with connotations and instantly conjures images that are an amalgam of kid’s Halloween costumes, a posturing Bela Lugosi and The Count…

The 6 Best Werewolf Audiobooks

Running With the Wolves: A Selection of the Best Werewolf Fiction Available as Audiobooks Inside, a log fire crackles softly, its warm, yellow, glow throwing strange shadows upon the wall. In here, is a sanctuary, safe from the elements, safe from the cold and hopefully, safe from other things too. But that, is inside…  Outside,…

17 Best Horror Audiobooks

From classic gothic novels to new and upcoming psychological fiction, a wide range of audiences are flocking to horror audiobooks in search of frights and thrills. Whether you’re new to the genre, brought here by a Netflix adaption, or just looking for something worth listening to again, this list of our 17 best horror audiobooks…

15 Best History Audiobooks

Spend an afternoon engrossed in an audiobook on Ancient Rome or Genghis Khan. Learn about how the planet formed and how civilisations were born with these history audiobooks.

Top Charles Dickens Audiobooks

You have probably heard of him. He wrote just a few famous Victorian era books. Listen to some classics like Great Expectations and David Coperfield on audiobook.

The 15 Best Books on Habits

These 15 books provide unique systems and fundamental tools to help you solidify your daily habits.