David Goggins Can’t Hurt Me audiobook will change your life

This audiobook will change your life.

It changed mine.

Before I was even halfway through, I had pushed myself beyond my limits.

It is that powerful.

There are many elements that make this audiobook so good but definitely having David Goggins right there while Adam Skolnick narrates it made it so much more impactful. You get so much more from the conversations they have than you would get just reading the book.

I was recommended this audiobook and did no additionally reading about it, just downloaded it and went straight in. Take my word for it and get it or read a bit more on why.

Why will David Goggins book change my life?

This isn’t a self-help or motivational book. Goggins is clear about his views on motivation. This is a story with practical takeaways and challenges that you can implement from day 1. And these will help transform your life and push you to achieve more.

Goggins teaches you techniques to use, both mentally and physically that get you disciplined, toughen your mind and make you work harder. This is woven through the remarkable story of his life from a very difficult, abusive childhood into a period of depression and stagnation before complete elite training as a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, and Air Force Tactical Air Controller. During this training and after he had left the military he set world records and became one of the world’s top endurance athletes.

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How it changed mine

Several months before listening to this audiobook I had gotten into running. I was fairly sporadic with my training, attending Park Run 5k and the occasional evening 10k run. My pace and distance had improved but I was struggling to build on that. I had reached a part in the book where Goggins states that when you think you are done you are only 40% done.

Armed with this I went out and ran 15-miles.

15-miles was farther than I ever had before and considerably longer than my usual 5k routes. I returned home feeling great, I wasn’t in pain and the next day wasn’t sore. I realised that even though I had pushed myself beyond that 40% I hadn’t come close to 100% done.

The next time I went to Park Run I beat my 5k PB, something I had been unable to do for months. What was this magic?

And that wasn’t all.

Whilst my initial success came from running which happens to be what Goggins also does and talks about, don’t think that this book is just for improving your fitness goals. It has made me more disciplined in my work, my organisation, my focus and in pushing myself at all things.

I was able to change several key things in my life which resulting in being much happier. The teachings in the book helped me push through the suffering.

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David Goggins Book, Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds Review

If you are on the fence you can get the audiobook for free with an Audible trial – Get Can’t Hurt Me

You can read lots of reviews online that breakdown the challenges and lessons but power comes from listening to the audiobook. I’ve used these summaries and reviews after to remind myself and help formalise parts but you can’t just read them.