The kind worth killing audiobook

By: Peter Swanson Narrated by: Karen White, Keith Szarabajka, Johnny Heller, Kathleen Early Length: 10 hrs and 17 mins

This gripping suspense thriller had me hooked the whole way through. It will definitely make your commute feel quicker.

Why listen to The Kind Worth Killing?

This is an entertaining, addictive twisty thriller that is well written and well structured. The story flicks backwards and forwards in time from each character’s perspective. It gets dark but stays absorbing throughout.

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‘Hello there.’ I looked at the pale, freckled hand on the back of the empty bar seat next to me in the business class lounge of Heathrow Airport, then up into the stranger’s face. ‘Do I know you?’

Delayed in London, Ted Severson meets a woman at the airport bar. Over cocktails they tell each other rather more than they should, and a dark plan is hatched – but is either of them being serious? Could they actually go through with it? And if they did, what would be their chances of getting away with it?©2015 Peter Swanson (P)2015 Blackstone Audio Inc

Critic reviews

“Chilling and hypnotically suspenseful…could be an instant classic.” (Lee Child)”Gripping, elegantly and stylishly written, and extremely hard to put down!” (Sophie Hannah)