Wim Hof Book: The Way of the Iceman Audiobook Review

The Way of the Iceman audiobook review

Wim Hof has created a strong brand from having an effortlessly cool presence, and a method that is both incredibly simple and incredibly effective.

This audiobook got me doing that method and seeing the benefits for myself. Based on that alone it is great, but as an actual Wim Hof product, it felt quite removed from the man himself.

There is an introduction read by Wim and he explains about his relationship with author Koen De Jong and that is the last we hear of him. The narrator, Patric LeVang takes over and leaves us with two degrees of separation. When a brand is so heavily built around a person, not having them read the audiobook or being a bigger part of it does have an impact.

“The Way of the Iceman” would have been perfect for a David Goggins – Can’t Hurt Me style audiobook where Wim was sat there with the narrator and with Koen De Jong so they could all discuss certain points.

Like Wim, Goggins is so pivotal to his message and no one can really deliver what they teach as they can. Maybe we were just spoilt with Goggins audiobook approach.

Good Points
  • Interesting backstory on Wim Hof
  • Lots of science to back up the method
  • Examples of real-life people who have benefited
  • Activities/health checks to try for yourself
  • Explanation of the Wim Hof Method
Bad Points
  • Needed Wim and Koen involved in the narration
  • Feels quite removed from Wim and his brand
  • A little drawn out in places
Quick Answer: Would I recommend this audiobook?

This was my first detailed introduction to Wim Hof and I learnt a lot about his story and the method as well as the science. It was enough to convince me to try it out. If you are in a similar position then yes I would recommend it.

If you are already a big Wim Hof fan, have seen him on podcasts or tv shows and have implemented the method you probably won’t get as much out of it.

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The Way of the Iceman audiobook review

Let’s look a bit deeper into this audiobook


Patric LeVang does a good job, I didn’t love the narration and as I’ve said, I would have much prefered this book to have been read by Wim or alongside Wim. I couldn’t find much online about Patric, it seems this was his only audiobook narration.

Key Points in The Way of the Iceman

History of Wim Hof

The audiobook starts out with a really interesting history of Wim Hof from childhood up until where he is now (or at the time of publishing). You learn that he was a surprise twin, nobody knew his mother was having twins! He loved the cold and yoga from a young age and led quite an unconventional life. When he was 17 he went to India and used to swim in the Ganges, later he lived in a squat in Amsterdam.

You learn of how he met his wife and of her terribly sad death due to depression. As someone who didn’t know much about Wim before, this was a big shock and you feel for him and his children. Wim often cites this moment as the catalyst for developing his method.


At times the science got a little dull but in general, it was interesting and definitely helped to convince me to test out the method. It goes beyond just the Wim Hof techniques and looks at the benefits of all cold therapy, the function of brown fat and backs this up with studies and references.

Real-life Examples

The audiobook draws on lots of examples with people who have used the Wim Hof Method and have benefited from it. These people are from all walks of life and it does go into good detail about their lives and what changed. Some of the people have illnesses like Lymes disease and they were able to control or reverse these conditions.

It also touches on cancer to highlight that despite some statements, Wim Hof does not claim this can cure cancer. It does, however, explore a few patients who have had seen improvements whilst doing the breathing and cold therapy.


There are various studies that Wim has undertaken and these are explored in the audiobook. It looks at the two trips he made up Kilimanjaro with a group of amateur trekkers in 48hrs and later in 32hrs, breaking some records.

These are no easy feats and you have to start questioning how this is possible. Getting a couple of people up a tough climb in record time is a challenge but to do it with a big group, some of whom have illnesses and existing conditions makes his method very interesting.

There is a good AMA on Reddit from someone who did one of these treks with Wim.

Wim Hof Breathing Technique and cold therapy

Of course, the audiobook would be incomplete without explaining how to do the breathing technique and cold therapy.

You can see the breathing technique here

The cold therapy involves progressively exposing yourself to cold water. This can start with your hands or feet in a bucket or bowl of ice or reducing your shower temperature over a few weeks until you have cold showers for up to 5 minutes.

You can get access to some of the videos for free on his website. Free mini class.

My thoughts on the Wim Hof Method

It is weird.

In a good way.

You have to try it.

The breathing techniques left me feeling the calmest I had felt in a very long time, if not ever. My mind was clear, I was relaxed yet energised and I’d go as far as to say I felt amazing. It is so simple but so powerful and it can actually bring up a lot of emotion. This is actually a good thing, you can use it to cry or get an emotional release.

Actually doing it is a little strange, you tingle and get strong sensations over your body.

The showers were a lot nicer in the summer, I looked forward to them. You stay so present during a cold shower and it really sets you up for your day, I feel a hot shower does the opposite, it gets me ready for bed. Once cold showering becomes normal to you it will be the only way to start your day.

I have since swum in some very cold lakes and really enjoyed that too.

The only issue I have faced is after having a prolonged break where I couldn’t cold shower I have had to get used to it again and during winter I found that harder.


I don’t think you would regret listening to this audiobook. At 2.5hrs it isn’t going to take much of your day up and it is interesting. Even if you don’t listen to The Way of the Iceman audiobook I recommend trying the Wim Hof Method.